Kate Middleton

She has become known for her sense of thrift after shopping on the High Street and recycling many of her designer outfits

But now the Duchess of Cambridge has proved her green credentials by wearing ethical fur, taken from alpacas.

Farmers sheer them annually in the spring and sell their shearlings to manufacturers, who make blankets, sweaters, ponchos, gloves, hats and scarves out of them.

The alpacas, which can live for up to 17 years, run free and graze on the level heights of the Andes, in southern Peru - they are not penned in so they can descend to the plains to nibble.

Unlike llamas, which are larger than alpacas and bred to be domesticated "beasts of burden", alpacas are bred purely for their fleeces.

Kate bought the Alpaca  hat in black, chocolate brown and champagne.